... To Injury.

We had Papa Bear cremated, but we wanted to say goodbye to his body beforehand, so we had a little viewing, which turned into a number of negligent misunderstandings with the funeral home. They were finally able to get us in on Friday the 13th, with a full moon in scorpio. When we got home I went to upload the photos from the day and my primary photo hard drive no longer worked. I tried to get it recovered, but no go. Every single photo I've taken in the last year and a half are gone. Every photo I've taken with my phone in the last 6 years are gone. Gone. The day we viewed my father's body the universe took it all away. So many times I joked about throwing it all away and starting over. Well, here you go. The few that survived were all that was left in the website, blogs, and dropbox folders. All treated, 60% .jpgs; no digital negatives.




Something was meant to be.

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