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Updated: May 16, 2020

“The bear’s message for modern people is to remind them of their roots, which they are beginning to long to understand but have nearly lost. The bear connects us to our primeval roots. Bears remind us of our earthly origin and show us the pathway through our human life; they connect us to our human purpose.” ~ Mayer, Tierisch Gut.

In this journey of self, I have always been pretty convinced that I relate to certain animals, as in a kind of spirit animal and connection. Most my life people have referenced me as a bear, but I figured it was more of a Huey the Bear reference, in that most of the time I try to be playful someone ends up getting hurt.

Recently my goddess wife, the quintessential Wolf, matter of factly said, "no, you're a bear." So, really having no understanding of bears, I decided to do a little research and got Storl's Bear. I must say that there are a lot of things that I resonate with quite deeply, knowing my actual nature in relation to the character that I feel forced to play in most facets of this patriarchal society, which I've had such serious resentments about since I was a child that I spent most my life hating and fighting all of it, maliciously, like a stubborn bear, doing the exact opposite of what I was told to do, and willingly suffering whatever consequences I had to because fuck you, I can take anything, but, also like a bear, my intentions were always pure and innocent, much to the dismay of those who assume.

Returning to raw roots and nature is something I have always preached, but, along with my personality, have lost in this world that I am flailing to exist in. Aside from growing up in LA, I have always been in nature, and when I was closer to bigger towns, nature was my only escape and refuge. I could never live in a city again, and if I had too it would be on the outskirts, so I could at least escape to my backyard. My work is all natural and free bodies in wild nature, and I try to teach the reward and beauty in that. The only time structures or buildings appear, they are abandoned by this world, thus becoming the nature of the future.

My attitude has always been a bit more primal and animalistic, and my dream has always been of a Rousseauesque ideal, where we all live off of and roam the land freely, but commune to create and support each other, with no ruler or leader, no alpha, as we all live in honor and respect so we don't need one. This is a daunting task in this world, because what was once our right to exist now comes with a price tag: land is owned and sold; water is stopped upstream, bottled and sold, or contaminated by corporate negligence; hunting and fishing is regulated and requires permission; even growing your own plants and food outside of regulation is punishable.

It is my dream, though, and it is always something I am subtly fighting for. It is also something that effects my mood on a regular basis: living in this world that is so incredibly wrong. In this specific time of total and complete repression and control, we should all be fighting for our wild, our wonderful and joyful wild.

“[The bear warns us to come back to a natural consciousness] Let instinct, intuition, curiosity, and the force of life itself become the tools that guide your zest for life and bestow you with ever new experiences and joy. And when the time is appropriate, have the awareness to sink into the inner depth, the deep inner darkness, where you can draw strength from these experiences in peace.” ~ [Storl, Bear] Mayer, Tierisch Gut

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