Single Point; Stopping Point

The beauty and the pain of it all; the beauty of the pain, and the pain in the beauty. When all the complexities of life swirl into a single point, there is a strange kind of contentment; comfort. With mind cracked completely open, the senses are free to process all that life has to offer; no good or bad, but simply thus.

The sustaining importance of self love can only be found in letting go of self, absolutely, and existing within all the vibrations and frequencies that make up all the things that we choose to define and place delusional importance on, for the self that we place mentioned importance on is nothing more than frequency and vibration, and the contentment of true happiness can only be found in surrendering ego and becoming what we actually are: swirling atoms in this energy field. We have the choice to resonate with this flow of energy, or bring it to a dissonant standstill. Our choice is translated by perception; our single point.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen is only defined by our single point, which is a negative fight, or a positive flow of Love. Take the self out of self love, and what do you get? Be the Love that you want to feel, and the Universe will respond accordingly.

As much as we have accomplished this year alone, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I need to step back and look at all of it, as my inbox gets ironically flooded with emails from models. I want to work with everybody. I want to capture every emotion. I want to feel all that energy, having spent my life locked up in my room crippled by it. I need to absorb all the emotions, to fuel my energy and become the best possible version of myself.

More than anything right now, I just want to smile, and breathe, and Love; those things I’ve been preaching for years but couldn’t truly grasp until I embodied and pushed past all the suffering that I have been drowning in for decades. I feel like the tension that has been building in said time has finally smashed me, and I love it.

This place, and my work, need a serious overhaul, with the divine help of this goddess that I am somehow lucky enough to be spending a life with. As I am learning to readjust, there will be more guest writing, so keep an eye out.

This post is obviously relative to my own personal journey, thus not something I should be sharing with the world, but I will always stand by the fact that there are some souls out there who appreciate personal journeys, and need to hear that others are feeling all the things, too, especially when they’re beautiful. You are all welcome to join us. You are all invited to breathe

and smile

and Love.

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