idiedatbirth is a philosophy in which one recognizes that each human soul is born beautiful and with infinite potential, and from the moment of each soul’s first breath in this temporal vehicle, their potential and beauty are systematically destroyed by society, religion, institutions, and, primarily, their parents. We, precious few, will stop at nothing to achieve the potential that no one told us we have, and reclaim our beauty, not in your world… in our world.

idiedatbirth is maliciously one word to defy structure: while I value proper use of language, it is something that someone else created, and it is expected of you to learn it, regardless how absurd or complicated it is; I’m not saying don’t master your language, for it is your responsibility as an intelligent being to do so, nor am I suggesting you create your own language or dialect, as that is generally just translated into you being stupid; I am simply stating that language, writing, and speech are part of the structure that you are forced to live in.

idiedatbirth is maliciously lowercase to defy ownership, though it is futile. If you have a birth certificate or social security number you are owned by the government in which you happen to be born, and are viewed by them as a monetary asset and expendable. Lower case also defies any institution that would claim you as property, such as religion or schools, which give you a series of rules to live by and hoops to jump through, veiled in the freedom of choice, but rarely in the freedom of thought or the freedom to question.

I choose to shoot nudes to defy societal expectation, in which we are sold the human body as something sexual and enticing, then are punished for wanting it. I refuse to view or capture the human body as something sexual and enticing, but present it as something natural and common to every single human soul that ever existed in infinite time and space. I also recognize that we are conditioned to use things like clothes, hair, and make-up to hide who we really are, in a sad attempt to be someone that we think society wants or finds attractive. Shedding the social armor demands a more genuine soul. I love human beings; I hate who they pretend to be because society demands it. Defy the stupid shit that society forces down your throat, and demand the extraordinary that is your birth-right.

We defy civilization, which is uncivil in its conditioning, and get back to nature, in an attempt to connect again with our roots, OUR true nature. We recognize that, in that botanical metaphor, we are still in the growth phase of existence on this plane, and are yet to even break the surface of our potential, understand what kind of plant we are, or even fathom in what place we exist. In this space, we understand that all of our problems and miseries are man made, and we choose to not suffer them.

*The philosophes were the intellectuals of the 18th-century Enlightenment. Few were primarily philosophers; rather, philosophes were public intellectuals who applied reason to the study of many areas of learning, including philosophy, history, science, politics, economics, and social issues. ... The philosophes used reason to attack superstition, bigotry, and religious fanaticism, which they considered the chief obstacles to free thought and social reform. ... The philosophes believed that the spread of knowledge would encourage reform in every aspect of life."

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