Cedar Springs (4E17)

One more beautiful day with my amazing little family, wondering how I got here, yet enjoying every little moment. It is nice to finally put my brain down and use my body a little bit. This particular body bit was a quaint stroll through an overgrown green field, then a couple miles of switchbacks, straight up to a campground nestled in the mountains, but we stopped at the top, where it crosses PCT.

There is so much reward in just being, without any expectation, without any goal, just placing one foot in front of the other. You quickly appreciate the little things, like being shade for your daughter under a surprisingly hot sun to juxtapose the surprisingly cold breeze, and being proud of her for making it the whole way with minimal (mostly) complaining.

The little one even walked most the way, though she was being pulled by mom's straps, like a helpless little adventure prisoner. The biting wind increased more and more as we got higher, I mean, that's how it works, but by the time we got there we chose a rock in the sun over the makeshift bench under the shade of a Cedar, so we all ended up a little burnt and burned out by the juxtaposition.

When you can smile and appreciate when the kids throw fits, you've gotten somewhere; when peace remains amongst chaos. Everyone has a hard time with things. Everyone gets cuts and bruises. Everyone gets tired and sore. Everyone hurts and suffers pain to some extent, whether it be physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, existential, or any other 'als that might exist for you... maybe just soci'al' right now?

Everyone; always; spanning infinite time and space; but we're still here, and we're still going. All the suffering only makes us stronger, and all that will ever matter is how we choose to respond to it. I get to teach these beautiful little creatures to stand up, dust yourselves off, smile, and just keep going.

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