Absolute Truths Within

"We find ourselves today in a tragically body-beautiful society, and women in particular find an obsessive pressure placed on them to conform to its stringent demands. Again this leads us to an objective and external view of ourselves, and we lose connection to our inner world, our subjectivity, the source of our beauty. True radiant beauty has little to do with physical features. It is a quality that shimmers from within. When a woman is fulfilled in love she is extremely beautiful, even luminous, with love. It shines through the physical form. The inspiring curves of feminine grace are to be found in every woman’s body. Awareness and a loving attitude to one’s own body plant the roots of real beauty, elegance, and dignity. Yet most of us judge or compare rather than love our bodies. Forget about the norm, and start to love your body from within while appreciating the shapes and forms of others. Acceptance and relaxation have a profound effect on the body energy, which creates unique feminine beauty." ~ Diana Richardson

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