A Little Existence Expansion

One thing that really resonated with me today was the understanding that all we need as a species on this planet is food, water, and sleep. Community and love make us feel better and safe, but they often cause more problems than not, and most use them as bandaids to avoid just being here, in this life, experiencing this moment, right now.

Instead of genuinely having this experience, we throw away that potential happiness by wasting our time here wanting, and striving, and planning, and acquiring, and becoming. What we all learn at the end of that wasted time and energy was that you already had everything you needed, but our minds were focused past that because we were told that we needed more things, and different things; better things. Food. Water. Sleep. Everything else is stupid shit. Love because you understand the wholeness that is felt in that energy, the purpose of a compassionate animal; everything else is a bandaid on a self inflicted wound.

“Self” inflicted because you are blessed with free will, you have the choice of an individual human soul who is free to do whatever you want. You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to believe. You don’t have to feel all those negative things. You can be and feel whatever you want, in realizing that there isn’t anything you need to be or feel.

No one can make you be or feel anything unless you give them that power. Keep that powerful energy so that you can truly appreciate this amazing experience. Fight for your nature. You were born beautiful. The always included aspect of your infinite potential is realized immediately when you let go of what you were told, let go of what you believe, let go of how you feel, and understand that your potential is already attained. Existence is relationship; change your perspective, and change your existence.

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