The Better Half of My Heart

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Mother's Day? Well, I do, for reasons obvious to those who picked up on the subtle life hints I've left in these blogs over the last decade; almost as obvious as why I hate Valentine's Day, and no it's not the corporate holiday, or silly male view on romanticism reasoning. I believe I may have also mentioned at some point, or most point, how amazing this mother is that has graced me with a snippet of her life... behold, the conundrum: my love for this woman runs as deep as my hatred for this "holiday," so we spent the first couple years fighting because I didn't do anything for her on Mother's Day.

So, along with my curling up in an emotional ball around this holiday, I have also formed some anxiety because I don't want to fight, but I also love her immensely, and want to show her, but don't want to need to because she should know, but she obviously needs to be told and shown sometimes... AAAAAAAAAargh... can't we just go to the beach and enjoy a day off?! So, we're going to the beach, and I love her for that........... and I'm sorry I'm such an emotional ruh-tard.

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