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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It will always amaze me how much the Universe opens up when you come to terms with the fact that there are certain things that you just can't do. It is as if the infinite energy knows what you're supposed to be doing, and when you hit a wall it immediately responds with, "oh yeah?" Not only was I graced with an impromptu shoot Friday, but I was hit up by a model coming through Joshua Tree on Saturday, "I'll be in Joshua Tree today."... make it work or don't... a nice little ante up from the powers that be.

Things will never be what we expect them to be, obviously, but I do what I can to jump at the opportunity to make the most of whatever I can. When you are searching for it, it is nowhere to be found; but when you give up it knocks on your door and tells you that you need to keep going.

You may not know exactly what you're doing, but you need to keep going. This time I only said I was taking break, but I never found myself with more opportunity than when I had given up completely. I will never be able to truly articulate how grateful I am for the souls that find their way into my life and work, and we all just keep going. One constant remains: trying to explain to people that true beauty lies in being, not in trying to be something.

I have been repeating myself for a decade now, in as many different ways as I can think up. I suppose I will have to keep doing that until I've scared everyone off, or finally impacted someone. On my old blog, where I was posting every other day, these random meanderings and scattered thoughts seemed a bit endearing, but on my website they feel more like I had no idea what to write about when I went into this.

I feel like this needs to be more structured and thought out, but this is what I'm doing, and the Universe is telling me to keep doing it. These posts were also always a way for me to figure shit out, but more and more I am figuring out that I need to stop making excuses for who I am and what I'm doing, and the Universe seems to concur.

It will never matter who you try so desperately to be, or what you are wearing to look like what you think you're supposed to; all that will ever matter is who you are. Being makes us beautiful; you can't fake that. Just keep being.

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