One Road at a Time

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I'm not really sure where to post anymore. I started doing just film, but I obviously haven't scanned any negatives in a while, and haven't found myself in any scenery worth pulling the new Broni out for, but life does go on, doesn't it, and we just keep shooting.

We are certainly lacking some adventure in our lives, which always makes for decent photos, but the last couple times we headed out to AZ to visit family, we have hit some dirt roads on the way back, and have always found something. So far it has been duct taped together, abandoned houses near mines, which are generally just gaping holes in the ground. This is always fun with two kids under five toodling around. Is toodling a word? Write that down. We are obviously restricted to the mobility of a Subaru Outback, but it gets us pretty far in most the time.

This time we found a cluster of similar named mines, id est, different claim numbers, same person. We didn't see any no trespassing signs, but we did see a lot of no prospecting signs. One of the claims was set up like a memorial, with a straight up head stone. We didn't investigate to see if it was an actual burial. The grave stone was labelled "#1 goldminer" and mentioned 63 years at this site. Kind of makes me wonder how much gold he actually found if he felt the need to stick to it for that long? You know? At some point, if you are truly the #1 goldminer, Shouldn't you have accumulated enough wealth to retire somewhere a bit more glamorous than still digging holes in Quartzsite, AZ?

I don't know. Aside from covering a significant chunk of land west of Quartzsite, we also finally checked out Lake Pleasant, and by that I of course mean we looked at the lake, drove around a little, then drove the entire course of Castle Hot Springs Road, not knowing, when we set out for the location, that the road kept going, so there were a number of spots I wanted to shoot on our way back, but we never came back.

We just went in a very time consuming, but relaxing circle. I do have plenty of spots in my head, though, for the next time we happen to be out on that road that we've already driven. Anyway, this was a bit of a ramble. Sometimes I just need to write something to make myself feel better, and I don't feel like I've written anything in a while. Insert inspirational message here.

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