The Facebook Inquisition

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Individuals in the fine art community have been complaining for months about FB bans, and things changing, but it never really effected me until recently. A couple weeks ago I posted a censored photo, like I’ve been doing for years, not looking to push the boundaries of the rules, and I was immediately hit with a three day ban, clearly an AI response. I obviously argued the decision, as it was wrong, and even asked in the message if I should make the blurry boxes more definite, since in this case they were very similar in greyscale to the body itself. The next morning the photo was back, and I was able to post again. Hours later I received a resolution notice, with the automated “we’re sorry we got this wrong” message, no actual response to my message in trying to find a resolution on my end. Whatever.

Later that day I posted another censored image and got hit immediately, again, and as I was arguing that decision, I got hit again for the photo that was put back that morning… seriously, what the actual fuck is going on? The twist to these two bans was that I could still post, so, whatever. The next morning they were put back, but I received blank resolution notices from the facebook… two blank resolution notices. Later, on day three of this debacle, I posted another censored photo and was immediately flagged with a week long ban, but for a photo that I had posted weeks ago.

When I argued, the photo was immediately put back, but I remained banned. I opened a ticket saying that I was wrongly banned for a photo that was put back, but I still couldn’t post, and ten days later it is still open. My ban is up, and they are still humping a doorknob.

Meanwhile, there is an obvious loophole for anyone who has a backup account, which is just about everyone at this point: you can still post to your account; just tag yourself in a post on your backup account; you may not be able to post while you’re banned, but you can allow posts you were tagged in to appear on your timeline while you’re banned… so fuck facebook.

Honestly, I am all for facebook's rules and regulations. I don’t want my newsfeed to be full of inappropriate photos, but I also believe that there is a very clear line between natural photos of natural humans, and photos that cross that line. All I want is for facebook to respect my censored edits as much as I respect the human body. If my magic blurry boxes aren’t good enough, then tell me how I can do it better. Stop rampaging around loping off heads because your AI software is having a fucking stroke.

We had hoped to head out to Wonder Valley last Sunday, but had to settle for a couple little hikes around the desert side of our mountain, complete with some boring photos of boring things, and a couple of my amazing wife, which was perfectly fine. It was nice to take a bit of a break from all this frustration and relax. We just received our first print, on pretty decent paper, and we are pleasantly surprised. Time to start selling my work, and change this paradigm.

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