The God Scans

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Anyone who has been to Salvation Mountain when it's busy can surely appreciate how bad ass my wife is. I wish she realized the value that I put on her. My best work, by far, over the last four years has been of this beautiful soul, but she is currently taking a much deserved break from modeling to figure some shit out, and I am begrudgingly taking a break from shooting for financial reasons, and to also figure some shit out, so you will all have to deal with my old film scans from what I am starting to refer to as my Mamiya anomaly.

By old film scans, I naturally don't mean from my old life, which I can't really stomach looking at. These are from about a year and a half ago, which was at the beginning of a pretty epic year for me creatively. I am honestly still treating and posting work from last year, and scanning negatives from the last four, only to find most of them embarrassingly unusable. It is what it is, and it will pave the road for where I'm going next, even though I prefer dirt over pavement, especially when wandering aimlessly, trying to figure shit out.

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