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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Another thing that this blog was supposed to be was a platform for BTS photos, which kind of worked, but only involving my wife and the trip to trip things we were doing. I would always tell the story on the other blog, but wouldn't really post the cut photos, just treated work.

I always liked to snap the genuine, in between moments, but there isn't really a platform for it until I can collect a gallery's worth, which could realistically take a lifetime.

It is also more difficult than I expected, because some models are so stoic and professional that they rarely crack a smile. They chuckle at my joking around, but it's never something I could ever capture unless I was running video.

For the most part, everyone I work with is so genuinely real that it is easy to get them to break character, and they don't usually mind just having fun with it. I love the real photos, though, but I also prefer hearing stories and hanging out over just doing a project and saying goodbye.

This doesn't really accommodate the professional model's reality, which consists of constant work, booking and hunting for places to crash and returning rental cars and checking flight prices, et cetera, oh my.

I still dream of the gemeinschaftsgefühl that I've been writing about for years. I also still refuse to accept the fact that it is all about money with most models, though the truth is painfully obvious. A lot of them deserve the money, and I believe they deserve to be paid well, better than they ask of most, but I remain limited to what I can afford and who I have access to, and still lack the social prowess to talk anyone into understanding who I am and what I am doing.

I cherish all the friendships I have made, but still spend a painful amount of time not working with souls that I can't afford, who don't have the time to just be in this place for a little bit, a love life with us.

We just keep going, searching for a community where we belong, hoping for people with similar values and dreams, with the goal of accomplishing something extraordinary, and trying to make the world a more beautiful place for our children to live in.

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