We are all born beautiful and with infinite potential, but at some point we are made to feel that we are not good enough or even wrong, so we learn how to play the characters which receive validation (+or-) from those for whom we are forced to perform.

This is a platform to pursue and explore healing through being, which incorporates our true nature and drive to create. We take more of an art therapist's approach to the work and exploration, as well as healing through the Peruvian medicine Kambô. Feel free to engage in the forum conversations, or contact us with any questions or interest in being involved in this ongoing project.

We are currently a beautiful little family living on the road in a pop up camper, searching for spiritual and creative communities around North America, documenting our adventures, and ready to go in any direction.

Where do we go from here?


Breathe. Smile. Love. Create. BE.


Currently in Chula Vista, CA